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First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting my website and for helping me bring awareness to high school preparation. I have created this site to communicate with schools, parents and give students a place for tips and tricks to help them prepare for high school.

As a student who had learning difficulties, my struggles throughout high school are still very vivid in my mind. Sharing experiences and offering students the best quality resources adapted to their learning style, is my way of making a difference. I firmly believe that high school is a significant step in our lives and every student has to be academically, socially and emotionally ready for it.

My last six years coaching students and families preparing for high school has been a great rollercoaster of learning experiences. A beautiful adventure that gives me the opportunity to adapt year after year, and expand my services.

If you have a child who is applying to high school with entrance exams in May or September 2018, please visit the PREPARATION page, start the process and register your child to  STEP 1 would be a great start. 

Keep in mind that the earlier you start, the better it is for your children's success and your anxiety. Don't wait, make sure you have a good plan of action together. You can contact me anytime; I can help you through it. 

Whatever you do, wherever you go, the key... is to start early - CKOMTL

Notez que les services sont offer en français et en Anglais. Contactez-moi pour de plus amples details

ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS ONLY Stepping Up is a resource to help ease the process and give students the best preparation possible according to their needs. Hands-on, Stepping Up uses the six principals of high school preparation set by the Ministry of Education to target needs and guarantee an grreat preparation.

It gives support to teachers with communication and planning activities to help students through this process. Teachers’ involvement is crucial to best help students. Each session is in a group setting, but we would schedule meetings with the teachers to see students process, so we can best plan the workshops and offer appropriate preparation. Often, the last report card will give us an idea. We tempt to help students individually so that we can have a better understanding of their need. We can also assist students who may need additional tutoring or revision.

Our approach is fun and engaging for students, and during the preparation process, the support to students is endless. Meeting with students in a group setting a minimum of four to six times, for different workshops and activities is ideal. Our time is manageable and flexible. Our priority is to best help students prepare for high school, and offer them a fun and exciting way to look at it, while assuring that they have the tools they need and feel confident for the big step.

Lastly, it helps with parents' involvement which is essential from the beginning and throughout the process. Giving them constant support with scheduled meetings to address their concerns and answer their questions will help. We can also offer private sessions if needed. We suggest inviting 1 or 2 parents to attend the different activities with students and teachers. Also, besides the four to six workshops with students, we would ideally meet with parents and teachers at least once, in a group setting or according to demands.

Any elementary school interested in the Stepping Up service, please send your school' information at, we will set the first free consultation to have an overview of your school's needs.

It is a private service and there is a cost related to it, our mandate is to adapt to schools' budget. Please feel free to contact us, we will help prepare your students the best we can.





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