Stepping Up 2 High School - En Route vers le Secondaire

am taking this moment to thank every one of you for your trust, support and for making my phone ring year after year. I'm blessed and grateful to start another year as a coach for grade 5th and 6th students, and I am pleased to share this 7th-year with you all. Helping students preparing for their high schools' entrance process, apart from being a mother, it has been the most valuable learning experience of my life. By choosing Stepping Up, you are letting me know that I am doing the right thing. It has not always been an easy road, but I would do it all over again, aside from few mistakes!! To the friends, students, and families I have met through this journey. THANK YOU for the lessons learned and for letting me make a difference."

STEPPING UP is coaching services which mainly offers workshops to grade 5 and 6 students applying to high schools, and wish to increase their abilities and possibilities of acceptance. At STEPPING UP, we follow students individually throughout the process, and their academics skills are evaluated continuously, using different standardized testings and methods. These measurements help target their weaknesses and most important, reinforce their strengths. Students are also taught several strategies to develop proper test-taking skills. It helps avoid silly mistakes and reduce test anxiety the day of the test. 

These workshops are designed to help students increase their self-confidence, by constantly exposing them to different scenarios and giving them tools to help strengthen it, it does play a significant role during the high school entrance process. It also provides support to students, and their families to understand the overall process and adapt the preparation to their daily routine

THE PROCESS? Each high school has its way to evaluate students' potential and admission. Upon registration, they will request your child's last grade 5 report card, and many high schools now ask for grade 4 as well. The evaluation process could go anywhere from full academic multiple choices timed exam, in French and English, depending on the school's prerequisites. Some schools will prefer using an IQ test format or have students go through interviews, essay writing, and group assignments.

Depending on your child's high school choices, and the results of the first evaluation. I will adapt the preparation according to his/her needs and goals. Preparing students for all kinds of scenarios possible and strengthing their academics knowledge. This way, for them to feel confident about their preparation

WHEN DO WE START? Depending on the high schools and your school board, entrance exams dates may vary, you might want to plan it. I suggest thinking about it when your child gets into Grade 5; the first report card is the alarm, by then you should have a good understanding of your child's academic strengths and weaknesses. It is essential to have a plan of action and know what the focus is for the upcoming months. CRAMMING is NOT an option! It will increase your child's anxiety, create unwanted resistance and affect your child self-confidence. From experience, it is never too early to start!  

There are a lot of myths surrounding the entrance process, therefor the best is to be informed. You can always call me, we will plan it together, but first, I will suggest starting with visiting each potential high schools' website and gather as much information as possible. Usually, each site has a page dedicated to the school entrance process. You can also call them and schedule a visit. They might invite you to participate in the school activities, such as their open house. It is never too early to show interest in the high schools of your choice.

RESERVE YOUR CHILD SEAT NOW.  It will be my pleasure to help you and your child throughout this process. There is a maximum of places available for the upcoming 2018 entrance process. Please, reserve your child seat as soon as possible. 2018 Stepping Up 2 High School Workshops.


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Let's get this straight, reading is one of the most important keys to a successful high school preparation. Whichever grade your child is in, and regardless of the high school of your choice. I recommend to every student that I coach to read a minimum of 15 TO 20 minutes OUTLOUD every day!

Each session of reading should introduce at least one or two new words; it could be more, but not too many. In a case where your child knows every word in the passage, the book might be too easy for him/her. It is time for an upgrade. Changing the author, the style, using the newspaper is also a right way to have your child start having its opinion and keep building his/her personality. Some reading comprehension exercises and ''dictées'' might be an option.   

A good reading routine, not only helps your child strength his reading skills, and comprehension, it helps your child increase his/her vocabulary span, spelling technics, as well as its overall writing conventions.

To Students: In a workbook or journal, keep track of the new words 
- Find the definition of each new words and their English and French equivalent.
- Find parts of speech, noun, verb, adjective.
- Find two synonyms and two antonyms, if applicable, plus their definitions if necessary.
- At the end of the week, or when you reach enough words, write a 300 words essay with as many words as possible.

Be creative! Re-write the story, write your fairytale, or keep a daily journal and try to use the new vocabulary you have acquired and no, you cannot type your text on the computer. Everything should, as much as possible be handwritten.

Note: If 300 words is difficult at first, no worries, start with sentence writing and than paragraph, one step at the time. If you need help or assistance, please feel free to contact us anytime through email at


If your child is a good reader, try out these vocabulary list. 

Start with a ''dictée'', and review the words.

Apply the homework above for each misspelled and/or unknown words.

En Français, utilisez la liste du 3e cycle. 



















1: EReading Comprehension worksheets. Excellent website overall, with great English reading comprehension worksheets. They can also be used for the out loud reading and/or the speed reading.

2:  - Aps at $2.99, it is worth the investment, I am hocked! 

3:, take one grade lower then your child's grade level. (ex: If your child is in Grade 5, have him/her practice the Grade 4 test)

4: - Really good for the mental math. 

5: - Tout en français et le plus complet que j'ai trouvé, explications et videos aussi disponibles. Un peu ''old school'' et ''conventionel'' mais c'est exellent. 


Let me know how your practice is going, and if you have any question feel free to contact us any time